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The world is leaving us behind, Senator Murray-Bruce warns

ben murray-bruce

The Senator representing the Bayelsa East constituency, Ben Murray-Bruce has issued a strong warning to the government on what to do to rise above recession fast.

He said if the country does not want the entire world to leave it behind, now is the time to patronise indigenous products.

The Senator who has been in the forefront of the campaign to grow Nigeria’s economy by supporting home grown solutions also campaigned for youth empowerment, saying there would be dire consequences if the youths are not urgently embowered.

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His comment on Thursday follows Wednesday’s release of the Global Competitiveness Report, where Nigeria now ranks 127th worst nation to do business in out of 138 nations.

The Senator tweeted: -“ released its Global Competitiveness Report yesterday and Nigeria is now the 127th worst nation to do business in out of 138 nations. This is a strong warning to us that is no longer an option. It is a necessity! The world is leaving us behind! If we don’t empower our youth with education and access to opportunities we will have insecurity. An un-empowered youth is a restive youth.”



He also called on the government to learn from the example of Ghana, a country avoiding recession by building national assets instead of selling them.

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