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These pictures of inside Donald Trump’s multi-million dollar mansion will throw you off balance

Donald Trump, the newly-elected president of the United States of America, is wealthy and he knows it.

As a matter of fact, he is never afraid or ashamed of showing off his multi-million dollar mansion where he has been living with his family.

Trump, a very successful businessman in the States, defeated Hillary Clinton in the recent US election and will have to reside in the White House – the official residence of the US presidents, but he will not be going into any kind of unusual luxury when he eventually does.

His tower is a sight to behold, but the interior is even more beautiful, check them out:

donald-trump-mansion-00 donald-trump-mansion-0 donald-trump-mansion-01 donald-trump-mansion-1 donald-trump-mansion-02 donald-trump-mansion-2 donald-trump-mansion-03 donald-trump-mansion-3 donald-trump-mansion-04 donald-trump-mansion-4 donald-trump-mansion-05 donald-trump-mansion-5 donald-trump-mansion-06 donald-trump-mansion-6 donald-trump-mansion-07 donald-trump-mansion-7 donald-trump-mansion-08 donald-trump-mansion-8 donald-trump-mansion-09 donald-trump-mansion-9

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