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You’d be shocked at reactions to Malia Obama’s weed smoking video

malia obama

When Malia Obama entered the White House in January, she was only a child.

Fast forward to 2016, a few more months to her departure from America’s seat of power where her father Barack Obama has occupied for the past seven years, Malia Obama is an adult and she almost can’t wait to prove that.

A video appeared on American gossip website Radar Online on Wednesday showing Malia smoking something resembling marijuana while at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in July.

The nine-second-video showed the president’s daughter taking a drag from the substance and holding it for a while.

Earlier, videos of  the Harvard bound 18-year-old twerking at the festival had caused a buzz on the social media.

However, while some people are seizing the opportunity to criticise the young lady and her parents, some others have come to her defence, saying it is long over due. “She has lived seven years of her life as an angel, let the devil in her come out, a tweep said.


Here are some other reactions to the first child’s weed-smoking-occasion:

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